Beer Tsardom of Russia

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Russian beer market and craft beer movement in figures: Infographics
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Brouwerij Cornelissen: “We hope our export to Russia will increase so much that we need to expand again”

Belgian family brewery Cornelissen was founded in 1859. While in Belgium Cornelissen beer is sold only within one region, it’s well received in Russia. Export manager Mike Wildemeersch told Prodibeer about brewery’s plans for the future. We thank SVAM Group for the help with the interview.

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Brasserie du Bocq: “Worldwide recognition of Blanche de Namur helped to double production in 10 years”

Brasserie du Bocq brews beer since 1858. Brewery is famous with wheat beer Blanche de Namur. Commercial Manager Olivier Degehet answered Profibeer questions.

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Dirk Lindemans: “There is no difference in taste or quality between lambics added in wood and steel”

Belgian family brewery owner Dirk Lindemans told Prodibeer about differences between lambics aged in steel and in wood, and about Brouwerij Lindemans history.

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Roger Ryman: “I have really seen Russian beer scene to move on over the last six or seven years”

St Austell brewery, founded in 1851 in Cornish town St Austell, is one of the biggest independent family breweries in the UK. Its brewing director Roger Ryman paid a working visit to the New Riga’s Brewery in Russia. Meanwhile he answered Profibeer questions.

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Brouwerij De Brabandere: “If foeders are well maintained, they can serve up to 50-100 years”

Brouwerij De Brabandere is a family brewery and still one of the biggest independent breweries in Belgium. CEO and fifth-generation owner of the brewery Albert De Brabandere answered our questions. In 1894 the brewery was founded by his great-great-grandfather Adolphe De Brabandere. The name of the brewery changed several times (for periods it was called Sint-Antonius and Bavik), but in 2014 the hictorical family name was returned. We thank SVAM Group for the help with the interview.

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Niko Pirosmani, a painter of dukhans and brewpubs

Niko Pirosmani earned his living painting signboards for beer pubs and dukhans (small Caucasian taverns), but fate was cruel to him — a great artist died of hunger and cold after a non-alcohol policy had been enacted in Georgia.

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"We introduce people to brands that nobody brings to Sochi" — Endemic mountain brewery

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We have already published the first part of the interview with Alexei Semin, the founder of the Endemic mountain brewery. Now, you can read the second part of the conversation — how the brewery interprets local traditions and ingredients, and how difficult it is to promote craft beer in such an unusual market as Sochi.

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An interview at an altitude of 560 meters: "We decided to develop beer tourism from the very beginning"

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Profibeer visited Endemic mountain brewery that is located outside Sochi and had a talk with its founder Alexei Semin. You will find out how they managed to find an investor and open a craft brewery in a small southern village, at an altitude of 560 meters above the sea level, and how the brewery implements the endemic philosophy which is contained in its name.

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Top 10 Russian beer brands

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Profibeer has chosen ten most important and "signature" Russian beers. It doesn’t mean that we’ve taken the best or the tastiest brands but the ones which have had the biggest impact on modern Russian brewing, its image and customers’ preferences.

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"Baltic porter" in Russia. Style history pages

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In the generally accepted guide to the styles of the Brewers Certification Program (BJCP) "Baltic Porter" is described as a traditional beer from countries bordering the Baltic Sea,  a derivative  from English porters, but influenced by Russian imperial stouts. A "signature" feature of this sub-style, distinguishing it from other porters is lager yeast (or cold fermentation, if ale yeast is used).  How has this style developed in Russia and how is it feeling now, at the time of the "craft" revolution?

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Interview with Bakunin brewery. Part II: “We will build our production in Estonia”

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The second part of the interview with Vladimir Naumkin and Yuri Mitin from the Bakunin contract brewery. This time we talked about the Baltic craft culture, Russian business features and about where, when and why Bakunin will build its own production. The first part can be read here.

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Interview with Bakunin brewery. Part I: “The only world trend it is possible to set from Russia is kvass”

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Profibeer combined useful with useful and took during a trip to Craft Weekend and Old Skull Fest a long interview with Vladimir Naumkin and Yuri Mitin from the Bakunin contract brewery. In the first part we’ll talk about new varieties, work in Latvia and all trends from the already familiar barrels, to the newfangled lupulin powder and hazy IPAs.

28 марта 2023
Выставка BeviTec (Москва)

Выставка Beviale Moscow состоится 28-30 марта 2023 года под новым названием — BeviTec. Местом проведения станет павильон № 57 ВДНХ.

31 марта 2023
Pražský Festival Piva 2023

Крупнейший в Чехии фестиваль крафтового пива пройдёт 31 марта и 1 апреля в Tržnice.

18 апреля 2023
InterFood Krasnodar 2023

С 18 по 20 апреля в Краснодаре, в ВКК «Экспоград Юг», пройдёт выставка InterFood Krasnodar — одна из самых крупных, эффективных и посещаемых продовольственных выставок Юга России.

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Иван Белецкий: дефектное пиво или «крафт»?