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Russian beer market and craft beer movement in figures: Infographics

Profibeer has made infographics about current state of Russian beer market and its main features. We have focused on craft brewing in Russia and its perspectives.

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Niko Pirosmani, a painter of dukhans and brewpubs

Niko Pirosmani earned his living painting signboards for beer pubs and dukhans (small Caucasian taverns), but fate was cruel to him — a great artist died of hunger and cold after a non-alcohol policy had been enacted in Georgia.

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"We introduce people to brands that nobody brings to Sochi" — Endemic mountain brewery

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We have already published the first part of the interview with Alexei Semin, the founder of the Endemic mountain brewery. Now, you can read the second part of the conversation — how the brewery interprets local traditions and ingredients, and how difficult it is to promote craft beer in such an unusual market as Sochi.

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An interview at an altitude of 560 meters: "We decided to develop beer tourism from the very beginning"

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Profibeer visited Endemic mountain brewery that is located outside Sochi and had a talk with its founder Alexei Semin. You will find out how they managed to find an investor and open a craft brewery in a small southern village, at an altitude of 560 meters above the sea level, and how the brewery implements the endemic philosophy which is contained in its name.

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Top 10 Russian beer brands

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Profibeer has chosen ten most important and "signature" Russian beers. It doesn’t mean that we’ve taken the best or the tastiest brands but the ones which have had the biggest impact on modern Russian brewing, its image and customers’ preferences.

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"Baltic porter" in Russia. Style history pages

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In the generally accepted guide to the styles of the Brewers Certification Program (BJCP) "Baltic Porter" is described as a traditional beer from countries bordering the Baltic Sea,  a derivative  from English porters, but influenced by Russian imperial stouts. A "signature" feature of this sub-style, distinguishing it from other porters is lager yeast (or cold fermentation, if ale yeast is used).  How has this style developed in Russia and how is it feeling now, at the time of the "craft" revolution?

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From Magnum to Amarillo: Profibeer has found a Russian brewery with its own hop farm

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By Russian realities Podsosnovsky brewery is almost a miracle: it is an industrial brewery working entirely on local raw materials. It takes water from the own well, malt barley in the own malt house and grows hops in the own hop farm, that is surprisingly for Russia.  We’ve found out why and how the brewery established the hop production.

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Interview with the only Russian Untappd moderator

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Untappd is a mobile application known to many beer geeks in Russia. It is “the Foursquare for beer”, where you can mark your location. In Untappd you can check in the beer that you’re enjoying, for example, in your favorite bar. Immediately you get likes from your friends and you can see what others drink, the ratings they put to this beer and the bar menu of the location they are. We’ve talked to Pavel Logvinov — the only Russian moderator of this social network — about how he discovered Untappd and what beer he likes.

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Nikita Filippov: “Contract brewing is like a rented house — eventually you want to build your own home”

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At the end of 2016, it became known that AF Brew was launching its own production. Profibeer immediately volunteered to visit — do industrial espionage to see and take pictures of the new brewery and at the same time to take an interview about the plans of the creators of Redrum IPA and Lobotomy.

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How to open a brewery in Russia: instructions for obtaining documents, permissions, connecting to the EGAIS and developing HACCP documents

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To open a brewery in Russia, you need to collect a lot of documents, to get permissions, to agree on the beginning of work with the Federal Service for Regulation of the Alcohol Market, to connect the EGAIS (Integrated State Automated Information System), to develop HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) documents... For a person, who isn’t familiar with all this, opening a brewery seems to be extremely complicated.

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Pavel Yegorov: History of craft beer in Russia

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The beginning of the second decade of the XXI century was marked by the rise of the so-called "craft beer" in Russia. Of course, craft beer has been imported to Russia and even brewed by some of our breweries before, but the term "craft" wasn’t used at that time.

18 августа 2018
Фестиваль крафтовых пивоварен SVOI Fest (Сергиев Посад)

18-19 августа в Сергиевом Посаде пройдёт фестиваль SVOI Fest 2018.

25 августа 2018
Выставка крафтовой культуры Craft Depot Fest 2018

25 августа с 12.00 до 23.00 на территории дизайн-завода «Флакон» пройдет ключевое событие крафтовой культуры в России - ежегодный Craft Depot Fest 2018, организатором которого выступает Ассоциация крафтовых пивоварен Craft Depot.

25 августа 2018
Прикамский фестиваль малых пивоварен Craft Fair (Ижевск)

25 и 26 августа с 12:00 до 22:00 в Ижевске на территории паба «Пинта» на Молодежной, 74 пройдет третий Прикамский Фестиваль малых пивоварен, который соберет профессионалов и любителей крафтового пивоварения со всей России и зарубежья.

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Как создать собственный рецепт пива. Часть первая – цель